call for submissions: fire with fire (a zine about sexual assault)

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callout round #2 for fire with fire (a zine about sexual assault). 

this zine is being compiled largely in response to a zine that used to exist for many years called “fire with water” – this zine (fire with fire) is an effort to include people’s experiences that  in the past for reasons of feeling silenced by the implication that fire is most legitimately reacted to with water. that is, specifically trying to include those whose experiences don’t only include non-violence or non-violent strategies/reactions to experiences of sexual assault. 

sexual assault and sexualized violence impacts everyone, but everyone’s experiences of sexual assault and sexualized violence are different and are unique to them. people do what they have to do when they are experiencing violence. self-protection or protecting others can mean a lot of different things – including using violence or violent strategies. this zine is also an effort to specifically give recognition to the fact that the discrediting of violent strategies and tactics (and the promotion of non-violence as the “best” and “right” way to respond) helps protect rape culture, helps protect the state, and silences and erases so many experiences. 

also, everyone defines their own experiences for themselves. therefore, the point of this zine is not to suggest that ‘fire’ or ‘water’ mean anything except for what that means to a given person. what might seem like ‘water’ to one person might very well have felt like ‘fire’ to someone else. and what might seem like non-violence or even ‘passivity’ from an outside perspective might actually be the most fiery thing someone has ever been asked to do. 

this is therefore a callout open to anyone who wants to share experiences of sexual assault, sexualized violence, and/or supporting someone who has experienced sexual assault. while the theme of this zine does have a specific focus, submissions are welcome even if you don’t feel like they specifically fit the theme “fire with fire”. 

submissions can be written or image-based. 250-300 words is the suggested length for written submissions, but shorter and longer pieces are welcome as well. 

***les soumissions en français sont égalment invitées***

the deadline for submissions is NOVEMBER 15th

(the hope is to be able to have the zine ready for expozine!)

please send your submissions (and any questions or comments) to: