Strategies for Survivors Zine Available!

color-cover-256Our newest zine is out!  Strategies for Survivors is full of hints and tips from our experience, for survivors of sexual assault and the people who support survivors.

Click on the image for a black-and-white PDF download — it might take a while to transfer.  Either view it on line or click the “booklet” setting on your print options page to make a printed copy.

For printed copies on nice paper — especially color copies — contact us by e-mail at SurvivorSupport@Riseup.Net

We are grateful to all our collective members over the years, and especially the survivors and their supporters we’ve had the honor to know, for making this zine possible.


Read Breaking Concrete

“Shame, an emotion common for survivors, is often framed as a ‘bad’ feeling to be excised in privatized settings like therapy. On the other hand, forgiveness, imbued with a religious-patriarchal sense, is a ‘good’ feeling to have, tied into personal liberation.

These binaries of ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ limit feelings like shame, to the realm of personal work. It obscures interrelated shaming systems like the prison system which can complicate our frameworks for survivor liberation…”

We found this article super powerful. Please read more of:

Breaking Concrete: Queer Shame and Sexual Violence

by Peggy/Kyoungwon writing on!

“We’re Called Survivors Because We’re Still Here”

“Pain is a message. You are probably going to experience a fair amount of it, so it’s important that you know this. No matter how bad it is, pain is not a judgment, or a punishment, or a weakness: pain is a message, from the part of you that wants to live, telling you that something is wrong.

I don’t care which jerk told you to “handle it” “better”; you are receiving a message, right now, from a very necessary part of yourself. The message is, “I want to live. Get me some help.” It’s urgent. That is why it hurts.” (from We’re Called Survivors Because We’re Still Here)

We think this is a great article for people who are, or know, sexual assault survivors …
… so that’s everybody (unfortunately).

It is good enough that we recommend it despite the brief mention about involving the legal system — which we do not support.