Call for Submissions – It’s Down to This Zine

We recently received a call for submissions for the second issue of “It’s Down to This” zine about survivor experiences.

Issue #1 is described as a compilation of stories, reflections, experiences, critiques, and ideas on community and collective response to sexual violence, abuse, and accountability. Issue #2 is an expansion on these responses. Submissions should focus on call-out culture, histories of responding to gender and sexual violence, or insights on consent culture and sex positivity culture. This zine will primarily focus on responses to violence within activist communities, political and social projects and people building communities of resistance. If you have experiences to share, positive, negative or in between, consider submitting them!

*The deadline for proposals is March 15th 2014*

To submit or for more information contact

You can take a look at “It’s Down to This #1” here:


Call for submissions for Everyday Abolition/Abolition Everyday Project

This new project will be launching a blog where people can post stories, art, poetry, interviews, etc. about what resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) looks like in our everyday lives.

Everyday Abolition/Abolition Everyday Project

The organizers of this project are hoping to create a space for folks to connect and think creatively about not only the ways the PIC impacts people’s lives and ways we respond to that and resist it, but also what we are doing everyday to create alternatives to that oppressive system. This resistance is happening in large and small ways, in the public and private spheres of life and community, and this project hopes to capture some of the complexity of this work and the vision for a different world that drives it.