MICROINVALIDATIONS: On Assault and Abuse in Radical Communities

One of the PSSC BFFs let us know about an upcoming exhibition and we want to get the word out to everyone! This looks like a really fantastic event.
MICROINVALIDATIONS: On Assault and Abuse in Radical Communities
Friday, June 6 @ 6pm
Yell Gallery, 2111 East Susquehanna Avenue

MICROINVALIDATIONS is an open, participatory exhibition in explosion
of the silence surrounding sexual abuse in activist and radical
communities. The exhibition is an opportunity for dialogue: those who
have experienced abuse are invited and encouraged to bring or create
work, stories, and thoughts for display during the opening.
Facilitators will be on site for technical and emotional assistance
and support.

What is a “safe space”? What is “community”? How can we confront
sexual violence without fracturing community? How do we create
accountability? How do we support survivors? What experiences are
silenced, purposefully or not? How do our communities reflect
structures which enable abuse and assault to happen unchecked? What
contradictions exist between our ideals and our practices?

An evening of discussion, sharing, support, and creation. Light
refreshments provided. Yelling (literal or no) encouraged.

PSSC Workshop June 13th! Taking Care of Ourselves and Eachother: Supporting Trans* Survivors of Sexual Assault

We have great news! PSSC will be running a workshop at the 13th Philadelphia Trans*-Health Conference on Friday, June 13th. Our workshop, Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other: Supporting Trans* Survivors of Sexual Assault, was recently presented at Hampshire College and we’re looking forward to bringing it to more survivor support folks. Check out the workshop description on the Trans-Health Conference website: